Movement Shabbat


getting our whole selves ready for shabbat with movement

We live in a time where many of us spend our weekdays

inside an office, typing away, sitting, staring at screens.


We answer email threads while sitting, then go sit in meetings,

and sit during lunch breaks...

When Friday approaches, some of us go out for drinks and

have dinner with coworkers and friends, some look forward to

Shabbat: a time of rest and reflection, connection

with friends and family, and a transition from doing to being.

From sunset to sunset, we have a full 25 hours of rest for our whole self.


Not too long ago, the body really needed this time of rest because most of the week was spent doing physical labor - farming, metalworking, herding cattle, collecting berries in the forest, and running through meadows.


Our whole selves were put to work all week, which made these precious shabbos hours even more crucial to our lives.


Today the physical part of our workdays is lacking.


Look around on any given day or place, and you’ll see a bunch of humans stuck in "h" shaped positions with T-Rex arms.


To really rest our body on Shabbat, we need

to actually use it during the week.

Movement Shabbat Dinner is a way for people to come

together as a community over a shared movement exploration experience and then transition together into the Sabbath.


Before we can light the candles and open our hearts to the holiness of shabbat, we need to move, shake, stretch out of our

"h" positions and T-Rex arms, and then bring the

echo of that feeling into our day of rest.

How it works















The movement session is a guided experience for the group that combines aspects from Ohad Naharin’s Gaga, Ido Portal’s Movement Practice, Avi Grinberg’s Method, Moshe Feldenkrais's Method, elements of AcroYoga, Contact Improvisation, Ecstatic Dance, and Meditation.


These practices engage the individual body while having deep connection with friends & family. It’s a way to connect with your own body, but also have a shared community experience to then transition into a relaxed, elevated, and alive state for Shabbat.


It’s bringing back the playfulness you had when you were a child - crawling on the floor, imagining flight, rolling like a ball. Just because we get older, doesn’t mean we can’t keep exploring who we are

and our relationship with others.


We don't need to sit in a chair all Shabbat after we’ve already done that all week - we need some fun physical movement to really dive fully into the meaning of this holy day.


How to Participate

Movement Shabbat Experience is for all - families, friends, kids, roommates. No matter if you are 2 or 120 years old, we'd love to host you

for Movement Shabbat.


In addition to hosting our own events, we also provide guide books to support you in creating your very own Movement Shabbat experience.


If you’d like to learn more about hosting, please contact us! We’re excited to share our Shabbat Movement Experience with you and your community.

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